Who we are

"There are important moments in life that deserve to be captured forever and I am passionate to capture them through my photography and my art. It should be done well, with emotion and personality - to create memories that will last an eternity. "



Me, Martin, started with painting and then slowly merged into photography more and more. I have gone through different focus periods in my career and I am presently completely focused on light painting. This is a form of photography where you keep the shutter open for long periods of time and during this time you "paint" with light in any way that you kan come up with.


Naiyya is incredibly creative in whatever project that she gets involved in. Whether it is cooking classes, theatre, performing , dancing, stitching or painting she goes all in and ensures that the end result is spectacular. The width of her artform is extrordanary.


Both Naiyya and Martin have been published in an Artbook called "Planet Earth", published by Bruce Rimell & Mirca Art Group.